60 hrs online training in psychodrama with children [V module]

16.09.2021 - 07.10.2021 ONLINE


International Online Experiential & Didactic Workshops in 5 modules

Led by psychodrama directors: Fabian Blobel and Galabina Tarashoeva

Duration: 5 modules x 4 sessions, 3 training hours (150 min) per session

When: each module x 4 consecutive Thursdays, one session weekly
Dates for the first module: 22.04, 29.04, 06.05, 23.05 2021
Module 2: The group – 20.05.,27.05,  03.06, 10.06.21

Time: 18-20.30 o´clock Central European Summer time, CEST (19,00 – 21,30 Bulgarian time)

Topics of the modules: 

  • Block 1: Psychodrama with children
  • Block 2: The group
  • Block 3: Self reflection through children Psychodrama 
  • Block 4: Disorders
  • Block 5: Special topics

Language: English*
(*for each 22 applicants with an interpreter, we could offer special workshops in their language)

For whom: The workshops are appropriate for mental health professionals, pedagogic professionals and students.

Maximum number of participants, in a closed group = 23

You will gain personal and professional experience and receive a certificate for 12 training hours for each block, 60h. for the all 5 Blocks.

Participation fee (for all the 4 workshops in one Block) depending on your country of living:

  • High-income economies* – 100 €
  • Upper-middle-income economies* – 80 €
  • Lower-middle income economies* – 60 €
  • Low-income economies* – 40 €


The registered participants will receive a link one day before the workshop.

The workshops are unique to those who attend and WILL NOT BE RECORDED!



Block 1: Psychodrama with children

  • Psychodramatic sociometry with children
  • The Beginning
  • The Process
  • Supervision

Block 2 The group

  • Theories of dynamic
  • Psychodrama in the group
  • Disturbances
  • Supervision

Block 3: : Self reflection through children Psychodrama

  • My role protocol
  • My energies
  • Me in a couple
  • Supervision

Block 4: Disorders

  • Introduction
  • Internalizing disorders
  • Externalizing disorders
  • Supervision

Block 5: Special topics

  • Working with Trauma
  • Working with adolescents
  • Working with parents
  • Supervision


V module: - Special topics:

This module focuses on three special topics: 

1. Understanding the impact of trauma in the context of child development, 
2. The process of separation of the parents: the perspective of the child, 
3. The good reason: understanding and working with “the aggressive child”.
4. As usual the last one will offer the stage for supervision. Cases from the participants are psychodramatically analyzed.

This module consists 4 sessions, 3 hours each and is offered to pedagogues and therapists working with children and adolescents. 

16.09.2021 Trauma in the context of child development
23.09.2021 Traveling between two worlds: Children in separated families
30.09.2021 A psychodramatic approach to “the aggressive child”
07.10.2021 Supervision

Even it is the last one of the Program of 5 Modules, it is possible to participate just in it!

If you are interested in the playful possibilities offered by the psychodrama in the work with children and adolescents, you are very welcome.

This module can be booked separately from the ongoing formation.

The whole program is created for professionals working with children, adolescents and their parents, and is directed by 

d-r Fabian Blobel 
and d-r Galabina Tarashoeva

The maximum of participants is 22, previous psychodrama experience is an advantage but not necessary. 

Participation fee (for each module):

High-income economies – 100 €
Upper-middle-income economies – 80 €
Lower-middle income economies – 60 €
Low-income economies – 40 €

Please, if you know your colleagues who are interested in this topic don't hesitate to share with them this information. Thank you in advance!

Looking forward to meet you!

Best regards,
Galabina Tarashoeva and Fabian Blobel